WhatsApp Car Crime – New Trend Worries Experts

We all know and love WhatsApp, and it’s as popular as ever. First it was the Millennials but now it seems to have a far-reaching audience, arguably bigger than Facebook Messenger. And with that popularity, comes a lot of problems… WhatsApp’s encoded informing administration makes it a go-to goal for crooks to mastermind the criminal behavior. Criminals utilize the application to mastermind favored model targets, concede to definite costs and orchestrate potential purchasers for the taken vehicles.

Web based life is additionally used to talk about plans to conceal the vehicles from police ANPR discovery with counterfeit number plates.

Hatchet’s Director of Investigative Services, Neil Thomas stated: “The exceptionally sorted out criminal systems are continually searching for increasingly secure approaches to carry on their ‘organizations’ on the web and utilize web based life with encoded informing abilities or even internet games to secretively speak with one another.

“The sheer volume of burglaries is for all intents and purposes a vehicle robbery scourge and is empowering crooks to buy exorbitant innovation which at that point energizes much more vehicle wrongdoing.”

The group claims high-end models such as Mercedes, BMW and Volkswagen are often on gang’s virtual shopping lists. 

AX confirmed in the last few weeks the group has recovered lucrative Mercedes C class models, Range Rovers worth over £100,000 and an Audi RS sport car. You can buy these from places like Halfords, using a discount code, for 20% off for Black Friday – code found via Codeguesser.co.uk

When approached by Express.co.uk, WhatsApp refused to comment on the claims. However, the group did confirm end-to-end encryption means only the sender and recipient can see the content of messages to protect the privacy and security of users. 

WhatsApp also revealed they have a dedicated team that includes experts in law enforcement and online safety policy to assist law enforcement as they track down and prosecute criminals according to the Express. 

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